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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Now before you read this blog post, and say to your spouse, "Hey let's not go to Joe's tonight, Ron's blog makes sense, ewwww, not sanitary babe…let's buy food and cook it ourselves." I don't want you to be paranoid by this blog, what I'm sharing with you is reality, so real that I may get shot from the guys running their restaurants like how I'm about to describe.


Cooks drop foods when they transfer it from one station to another for instance. A cook will need a piece of marinated chicken breast, he walks to the walk-in refrigerator, and using his tongs, gets just one because that's all he needs, he successfully reaches his grill, and grills it to perfection. Then he uses the same tongs (Wrong). First of all, never use the same tongs picking up raw meats and then picking up cooked meats, because cross contamination occurs. But he figures, what the hell?

He takes the contaminated tongs, uses it to transfer the chicken to a plate, but, he drops the chicken on the floor with lots of shit on it..he will use the 5 second rule, he'll try and pick up that chicken before he counts one thousand one, one thousand two etc. you get my drift. He plates it and serves it, can you get sick? Well yes you can, and no you can't. I mean, I've been there and done just that. 

a. the tongs hasn't been in the raw marinade for too long, it was quick, and the raw juices gets heated up when you're cooking so hence bacteria is killed. (However, if a cook doesn't use the tongs over heat, sets it aside, and decides to cook the chicken with a fork, but remove the chicken from the grill with the tongs with raw juices on it, then we have a health issue and a major problem.

b. the floor though gross, the chicken may have landed on a dry surface with some crumbs, nothing contaminating really unless it landed on some cleaning solution left by the cleaners. If the cook rinses it, and puts the chicken over the heat to kill bacteria, and seasoned lightly once again, it's actually pretty safe. I mean, there's kid in poor countries eating left over food from garbage cans with maggots, go figure.

No restaurant is perfect, I don't care what people say, someplace in the back of the house there's a few demerits to be issued out by the local health inspectors.

Now go to Joe's and enjoy his greasy fried country fried steaks.

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