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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Some of you may gag when I tell you we ate these canned foods you see in this picture growing up. Yeah, yeah I know it's filled with sodium and stuff like that... but we didn't die from eating it in moderation. However in Hawaii it is hurricane season until November. So it's a good thing to stock up on canned foods, I mean if the docks are shut down, and the farms are wiped out, the ocean is contaminated can't fish because of a hurricane, what you gonna eat? Well one alternative is to put your organic vegan pride out of the way... and stock up on some canned foods... or not. I mean there's organic and all natural kinds of prepared foods too. But I'm just saying, these canned foods can last quite a while, so it makes a good ration. If the electricity goes out, we can use butane burners and fry up some Libby's Vienna sausage, or Spam. Or just open a can of tuna and eat it plain like that. Breakfast time, there's Libby's Corned Beef Hash, or if you want soup Campbell's has always been the experts in canned broths, stocks and soups. With all these choices, one could live pretty good after a hurricane, until the power is restored, the docks opens up again, and the ocean filters out.
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