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Saturday, July 11, 2015


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 Authentic Mexican Restaurant, on Maui. Tortuga's Mexican Restaurant is a counter service eatery located in the Maui Mall in Kahului, Maui, across from Whole Foods. Blogging yesterday about foods I've never tried from new restaurants I gave these guys a try. Here's my report card. And instead of thumbs ups I'll rate the categories by YAYS, 5 is tops.

The decor, ambience, cleanliness of the establishment was excellent 5 YAYS!

Courtesy of the staff, excellent 5 YAYS!

Menu and information on food, excellent, 5 YAYS!

I was in there at around one in the afternoon, I guess the business and summer vay cay lunch crowd came in earlier, when I asked the girl at the counter if it was very busy earlier she said, "Yes very." I did not know if she was telling the ultimate truth, or it was to make them look good, because in the past I'd walk by there and I've never really seen it slammed busy. However this is a clean dig, a very clean and friendly spot. The menu is pretty good. Tacos and Tortas (Mexican sandwiches are their specialty). Visit their website for more info or on social media Instagram.

Okay so far they are clicking on all the YAYS cylinder, now if something goes below a 1 YAY, I'll hit the NAY button. If there's any NAYS, you might as well close up shop. So I decided to let them turn me on to a tortas because I was in the mood for a sandwich style meal. So I decided to go with the Machaca and Eggs Tortas, if I was to pay for it it cost 7.99; but I blog baby so hey, I eat for free most of the time hahahahahaha. So where were we? Oh yeah, the Machaca with Eggs comes with bread that's totally soft and spongy, and the filling is made up of shredded sautéed beef, peppers, chipotle beans, Oaxaca cheese, tomatoes, chipotle mayo, and some small potato chips.
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Machaca & Eggs Tortas
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Hot Sauce was needed

The report card on the meal itself.

PRICE: Affordable 5 YAYS!

PRESENTATION: Casual for what it was 5 YAYS!

AROMA OF FOOD: I had some issues because of the humidity outside that day, N/A.

FRESHNESS OF FOOD: From what I saw and felt on the first bite, 5 YAYS!

FLAVOR OF FILLING: Because of the humidity outside that screwed with my taste and smell perceptions, it is unfair for me to give this dish any bad ratings. I couldn't taste any flavors really, but the food when trying to savor it as I ate it was good. I just couldn't get that bite from a Mexican dish like I usually get, but like I said, it would be unfair for me to give this any bad ratings. So this is what I did.

I asked a friend if he ate there, and he said yes. Upon this I asked him if he tried the Machaca and Eggs, he said yes. He also said it was very good. Hey I'm being honest guys, that humidity ruined my foodie perception. But as you can see, it looks very tasty, and the establishment is very clean, the staff is friendly. Sorry my taste buds weren't there, but I'll tell you this much, based on a friend telling me it was good, and my personal experience that that place is clean and friendly. YAY! Go and visit Tortuga's in the Maui Mall. I'll go again later when the humidity is a non factor. So wrapping up this blog, Tortuga's is at least in the YAY category, and nothing's NAY about this place.
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"Damned humidity screwed my sense of smell and taste!"
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